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  • 08.05.22 Sugar Pine Point State Park, Lake Tahoe
    w/ BIG BLUgrass Benefit Concert

It's a little bit front porch, a little bit backwoods, it's the art motel on a long stretch of highway... it's Loretta Lynch.

Loretta Lynch: news
Brand spanking new video! [03.15.2021]
Hello Pals of Loretta -

We are delighted to announce that we have a brand spanking new video to present. We may not be able to get together and rehearse, but we have been zoom zoom zooming and continuing to share our ideas, outrage, successes and plot for the future.

Luckily we have some tunes that we were lucky enough to record at renowned Fantasy Studios right before they closed. We mixed them with the amazing Myles Boisen exactly a year ago, and finally we have exercised different artistic muscles, collaborating with a collage of photos and videos to offer them to you. Hats off to Dan O for gluing it all together. Here you go!

Richmond Town - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu7maECSgeE

We do miss seeing your lovely mugs. Here's to when we can gather again for live shows! In the meantime, stay tuned for more.



Happy 2021, and Ding Dong, 2020! [01.01.2021]
Hello Friends of Loretta -

Happy Holidays to you all, and DING DONG, 2020! And a big old thumb to the nose accompanied by a raspberry to the previous three years, too. We are happy to see you go!

To celebrate, we are asking you to stay tuned in the New Year, as we'll be offering up a little musical fun. Details soon.

In the meantime, here is a little snippet of our last (and only) live show in 2020, January at Neck of the Woods in San Francisco. Thanks to the crowd that was there, and big thanks to Robert Harker for taking the video.

Loretta Lynch - Mama's Broken Heart (Musgraves) - Neck of the Woods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3DsVBYoNhg

We miss all your lovely selves. Stay tuned, stay home, wear your masks and listen to local music! And support local venues and small businesses if you can. We will see you as soon as it's possible.



Virtual Murder Ballads and Songs of Misery and Despair to support the Starry Plough! [10.31.2020]
Hello hello!

What a weird year this has been, and on so many fronts. We hope this finds you all healthy and surviving all that we are in the midst of. So much loss, so much chaos - and luckily, so much creativity.

It's Murder Ballads time! One of our sorrows has been the inability to safely gather and play music in person, but through magic (yes, the magic of an app) the gals of Lynch have recorded a tune to be part of the annual (virtual) Murder Ballads bash this Saturday night. We'll be once again in really great company with many of our fantastic Bay Area musician pals joining in for the fun. Huge thanks to the inimitable Paul Pot for working his own magic to make it happen. Here's to supporting the Starry Plough, and for the eventual and magnificent return of live music and togetherness!

In the meantime, mask up, wash your hands, stay home and please, please VOTE!!!

Love, Loretta

From the Plough:

Tune in Halloween night, Saturday Oct 31, for a virtual gathering to benefit the Starry Plough in Berkeley which has been severely impacted by the Covid crisis. For many years when starting out, many of us would not have had any gigs at all were it not for the faithful Starry Plough. Tune in for a collection of Halloween songs about murder, misery, death and despair and consider making a donation to keep them afloat.

The link for the show will be found here on Halloween - this Saturday night:

www.murderballadsbash.com or


Donation link for the Starry Plough: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-starry-plough-stay-open

Virtual Pre-Election, Halloween, Days of the Dead Murder Ballads Bash 2020

(Look for the link at www.murderballadsbash.com on Halloween)

A benefit for the Starry Plough featuring:

Maurice Tani www.mauricetani.com

Penelope Houston www.penelope.net

Loretta Lynch www.lorettalynch.com

Laura Benitez www.LauraBenitezandtheHeartache.com

Joe Rut www.joerut.com

Danny Allen - https://www.dannyallenmusic.com/

Connie Champagne

Three Drink Circus www.facebook.com/ThreeDrinkCircus

Paul Pot www.paulpot.com

Mimi Heft www.facebook.com/fiveleggedmule

Yvette O'Tannenbaum

Jethro Jordan

Hell on Tap (Luther Monday and D.J.G.J. Phetteplace)

Geoff Pond

Melanie Clarin DeGiovanni

Celebrate 2020 with Loretta, Crying Time and The Goat Family! [01.07.2020]
Happy New Year, friends of Loretta!

Amidst all of the chaos and disaster that we are stewing in there is also so much to be thankful for. One of the brightest facets of being in the Bay Area as we embark on 2020? The amazing musical community that exists here. We are lucky enough to play with some truly fine outfits, and this will once again be the case Saturday, January 18th at one of San Francisco's premier new music venues Neck of the Woods with our dear pals Crying Time and The Goat Family. Bonus? It's a new music release celebration for the Goats!

The fun starts at 8, with the Goats opening up the festivities. Loretta will then howl and croon a few in three-part harmony followed by the Honky Tonk revision that is Crying Time.

We will see your fine selves there. Join us for some healing distraction. Remember - hindsight is 20/20!



George George George! This Friday, Sept 27th at the Ivy Room! [09.20.2019]
Hello again, friends -

The women of Loretta are so happy to be a part of celebrating the late great George Jones. Please come to the Ivy Room this upcoming Friday night, Sept 27th as we join forces with some of the Bay Area's finest musicians, including Joe Rut, Maurice Tani, Danny Allen, Ruby Vixen and Leigh Crow. As well, our own Val Esway will move you with a solo and a couple of duets. As if that weren't enough, providing the backbone for the evening will be Honkytonk Revisionists Crying Time (Jill Rogers, Myles Boisen, Tim Rowe and Smilin' Pete Garellick) joined by pedal steel legend Bobby Black. Not to be missed!

You will definitely want to pick up a copy of the below King George cd to further celebrate. It's phenomenal.


See you there! (Getting tickets ahead of time strongly suggested!)



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