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  • 08.04.17 The Monkey House
    w/ Special Ghosts!!!

It's a little bit front porch, a little bit backwoods, it's the art motel on a long stretch of highway... it's Loretta Lynch.

Loretta Lynch: news
At the Monkey House with Special Ghosts [06.06.2017]
Hello friends -

Just a quick note to let you know that we'll be at the infamous Monkey House (voted Best of Oakland/East Bay 2017 Underground Venue!) Friday, August 4th with our good and ultra talented friends Special Ghosts! Mark your calendars now!



This Saturday 4/1 at the Plough, with Valeulons and DanceChant! [03.30.2017]

Just another reminder that Loretta will be playing this Saturday night April 1st at the Starry Plough (no fooling!) We'll be debuting some fine new songs, dusting off some old, and playing for the debut of big band DanceChant and Vapeulons. If you haven't heard these bands, you are in for a treat. Time to get your funk on! Show starts right at 9PM with Loretta, followed by raucously harmonious DanceChant and capping the evening with the shamanic medicine of Vapeulons! Don't miss it - and bring your dance pants!

See you there! We've been missing you.



Loretta with the Vapeulons and DanceChant Sat April 1st at the Starry Plough [02.28.2017]
Join us for an eclectic April Fools event at the Starry Plough! Saturday, April 1st - no fooling. We'll be playing for the debut of big band DanceChant and the Vapeulons. Show starts right at 9PM with Loretta, followed by raucously harmonious DanceChant and capping the evening with the funk medicine of Vapeulons! Don't miss it!

Vapeulons are hyperdimensional funk medicine shamans, the Vapeulons have manifested on the blue planet to spread the message: "the mothership is in my heart, and my heart is in the mothership"!

DanceChant is a cathartic adventure and exploration into dance, rhythm, and expression that cultivates love, joy, and community with simple meaningful chants and melodic phrases that invite listeners to join in and sing and dance along with the band with the intention of creating a space of healing and love.

Needed more than ever.

Stay tuned .... [10.12.2016]
Hello LorettaFans!

Delighted to share that we are taking a break from gigging to cook up some new recorded material at Berkeley's legendary Fantasy Studios. There are some great ghosts haunting this place!

Stay tuned,



More Monkey House mayhem with Bum Wagler, Sat Aug 27th [08.15.2016]
We are happy to announce that Loretta has been cooking up the first part of our next CD at legendary recording venue Fantasy Studios. We'll keep you updated about this process, which though it won't be speedy, is sure to be both fun and a smorgasbord of previously unrecorded material. Hooray!

Also delighted that we'll be playing Saturday, August 27th at Ira Marlowe's Monkey House (1638 University Ave in Berkeley right next to the pole dancing school ;-) with the alternately funny, tender - and cheeky - troubadour Bum Wagler. This is an early show, starting right at 7:30, and it will end early enough for all of us to hightail it over to the Starry Plough for the Crying Time CD release (supported by the wonderful High Diving Horses and Bear Flag Trio!) The events are not mutually exclusive!

The Monkey House is an intimate theater, and you are welcome to bring your own beverages of choice to sip as we sing, whether it's fine wine or beer, single malt or sauerkraut juice. Feel free to share. (OK - maybe not sauerkraut juice)

Doors at 7PM - Show starts promptly at 7:30 Reserve seats!

Hope to see your fine selves at the Monkey House on the 27th,



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